Kókkini Porta Rossa is the first house you see when you enter the Old Town from the Gate of St. John.

Locals call this gate the “Red Gate”, in memory of those who lost their lives defending it.

A knight’s residence, with a small church dedicated to Saint John, once stood where the house currently stands.

It was the residence of the knight in charge of the Gate's garrison. 

When the Knights handed Rhodes over to the Turks in 1522, Turkish and (much later) Greek and Jewish families began sharing the big house. 

Their different origins, contrasting religions and bitter memories didn't stop them from living in harmony under the same roof and raising their children together. 

The house will always be theirs. We just gave it a new life and look after it, making sure it remains a place of serenity and warmth.

Our intention has been to make a small hotel for just a few, select guests and give them as much attention as they wish to have.

The furniture, lighting, objects and carpets give every space a warm, familiar atmosphere. 

Luxury has been balanced with simplicity and modern design matched with old collectable items.

Our intention now is that our guests find at Kokkini Porta Rossa a second home and that they see Rhodes in a way they would otherwise miss.

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