Beautiful property, luxurious by worldwide standards.

Our only regret was that we enjoyed the island so much that we didn't spend more time enjoying our suite. There is no question that we will be back, perhaps sooner than they expect.
It's difficult to express in words just how much our stay with Nikos and Angela made our visit to Rhodes absolutely perfect. We were friends and guests, not clients. We left a piece of our hearts with this amazing family.

Perfect location in Old Town. When I say perfect location, I'm assuming you don't want to stay in one of the 200-room mega properties that are everywhere on Rhodes. Fellow Americans: I know there's a Starwood property and you have points, so you want to stay there. DON'T! It's on the windward side of the island and it's packed with budget travelers. Trust me. Kokkini Porta Rossa will give you the experience you had hoped for at the Sheraton but that would be greatly disappointing.
If you are driving, follow the signs to Diagoras Stadium, park anywhere on the street near the stadium, and you're a 3 minute walk from the hotel. You are transported back in time as you walk across the moat through the outer gate, then across the inner moat and the inner gate, then a quick left turn and you are at the hotel's front stoop. It's a 5 to 10 minute walk from the hotel to anywhere in Old Town.

The hotel has 5 rooms, so you are inherently a guest, not a client. The property was all-new in 2014 and each suite has its own character. We stayed in Katina, and it still makes me homesick to look at pictures of the room on their website. A generous sitting area, lovely bed/linens/pillows, generous bath facilities. If you have to nitpick the room: a shower door would be nice so as not to flood the bathroom (it has a drain on the floor; it's just my OCD guilt about making more work for the cleaning staff because you can't help but flood the floor when you shower) and it would be great to have a programmable HVAC so that, while the air conditioning is off all day, you could come home to a pre-cooled room. That's trying hard to find fault with the suite.

Every day was treat. Your choice of a perfect, freshly-juiced shot of vegetable/fruit juice. Your choice of fresh jams with your fresh organic yogurt with organic, locally made honey. Your choice of a quail egg medley or a farm-egg omelet. Here, too, your hosts take pride in the perfect quality of their products. What would you like? The embarrassment of too many choices, as the Italians would say. Ask Angela what she recommends. She'll tell you, and she'll be right.

We felt as though Nikos knew us our whole lives. We arrived at the hotel at around 2 PM on a Monday. Time was short, we wanted to hit the beach. We were welcomed with a lovely iced tea as we checked in, and Nikos sat with us and asked us what we wanted to accomplish that day. Given the ticking of the clock, he recommended a nearby beach, not only because of its proximity, but because of the quality of the canteen that served food there. I know what you're thinking: he recommended it because it was his brother-in-law's place. Not true. Ask Nikos for advice. He knows the island like the back of his hand because he's a native, and he knows you better than you think. He will show you your destination both on a map and on Google Earth. We travel to Greece form the U.S. at least once a year, and his first beach recommendation was not only amazing because of the beach, but because it was one of the best meals we had in Greece. Simple, no pretenses, just quality seafood. Because he and his family have been going there for 20 years.
I will tell you this: my wife and I make at least one trip to Greece per year. We do a different "beach" vacation every year, choosing a different island to experience. This is the island we have been to where we have both independently said, "we have to do Rhodes again." And the reason is the Kokkini Porta Rossa and Nikos and Angela.
Nikos and Angela, thank you for the incredible hospitality you showed us. It is because of our stay with you that we will be back again soon in Rhodes.


Notbueller, Chicago, Illinois, TripAdvisor September 2015
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