NO AVAILABILITY? "Smart Stay" is the answer...

"No Availability" is when none of our suites is available on ALL of your required dates.
However: during the same dates some suites may have "gap days" between their guests' arrivals and departures.
If we put those "gap days" together, a "SMART STAY" may be possible, so that
YOU stay with us at a highly discounted price,
WE fill some of our "gap days".


♦ Send us details of the reservation you wish to make (via email, phone call, or Booking Request on our website)

♦ Include any age, mobility or health related limitations we need to know about

♦ Carefully go through the suggestion we will make (suites' photos & descriptions, dates, cost)

♦ Ask all the questions you want

If you are happy, YOU ARE OUR GUEST !



• availability is not a problem any more

• you are offered a highly discounted price and the special offers that apply to your stay

• some of your days may be in a suite more "glamorous" than the one you had asked for

• at the same time, we make the best of our "gap days"



• you will need to change suites during your stay

• some or all your days will be in a suite other than the one you had in mind (if that is a con)

As a rool, offers cannot be combined. "Smart Stay", however, can be combined with others, depending on agreement. Requires changing suites during your stay. Guests with mobility, health or age issues need to make sure that the suggested suites are compatible to their condition. Please read carefully the suites' descriptions and ask for details. Note: Access to some of our suites is only possible with the use of steps. "Smart Stay" is based on availability. All offers are subject to change and apply to guests making reservations directly with KÓKKINI PORTA ROSSA. Please read our General Terms and Conditions.