What they say about us

Using the word 'hotel' doesn't quite sum up this stunning place.

By the end of your holiday - just like most people you meet in Rhodes- you will be singing the praises of this amazing place. You will be surprised again and again at what they have to offer.

Maroulla92, London UK, TripAdvisor, April 2017
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Almost impossible to leave each morning!

A breakfast to die for in the courtyard. Homemade pastries, jams, Greek yoghurt and honey, eggs however you wish, this list goes on and on... Such attention to detail and a beautiful decor.

REO38, London, TripAdvisor, July 2015
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All our expectations were surpassed. An unforgettable treat to all your senses!

If you decide to stay here, I advise you not to be shy. Communicate your needs and expectations, as suggested by the hotel at the time of your booking.

Javier, Booking.com, June 2015
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The difference between a good trip to Rhodes and a great one.

My advice is: eat lightly in the evening so that you are prepared for the feasts that come out of the kitchen! We were treated to some of the best breakfasts we've ever eaten.

Shona Owen, London UK, TripAdvisor, April 2017
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Le charme du lieu allié à la perfection de l'accueil !

Nous avons passé 3 jours a Kókkini Porta Rossa. Nikos et Angela nous ont accueilli comme des rois dans leur très belle maison. Non seulement le confort est assuré, digne d'un 5*,... 

Christine6a, Paris, France, TripAdvisor August 2016
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Exceptional Hospitality! The most enjoyable vacation I have ever had.

Unbelievable experience in Rhodes due to Kokkini Porta Rossa.

Josh S, 27 Apr 2017, TripAdvisor
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Basically, you'll want to Instagram everything in sight.

Lots of tourists passing by stop to stare and wonder if this is a museum. The property however is initimate, with only five suites, and designed to feel like you've stepped into someone's home.

Stacie W., TripAdvisor, June 2015
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A wonderful haven of peace and beauty. The place to go!

The charming hosts will go to any length to make you feel very special.

Carsten Erick Rasmussen, Belgium, Facebook, September 2016